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Interprofessional Education and
Collaborative Practice (IPECP)

“We are glad to receive the 2021 HKU Excellence Awards – Team Innovation Award given to IPECP. We share the honor to all the teachers from five institutions of higher learning who collectively worked in creative innovation especially during challenging times. This is a success story of “collaboration” and a good illustration of the spirit of interprofessional education.  This recognition further motivates us to carry on with the IPE program”.               



 Dr. George L. Tipoe

Associate Professor

Director of BIMHSE

Assistant Dean (Enrichment Year)

LKS Faculty of Medicine, HKU

Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice (IPECP) brings together students from health care and social care disciplines from The University of Hong Kong to learn with, about, and from one another for the best interest of their future patients. Interprofessional teamwork and collaboration are important learning competencies which will help prepare future health professionals reshape both the process (e.g., from silos to interprofessional team-based care) of health care management and health outcomes. The aim of  IPE is to break down the traditional silos of health care learning through working together to improve patient health outcomes. It also aims to develop respectful interprofessional communication among healthcare professionals and improve effectiveness of healthcare dispute resolutions.

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