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Multiple Drugs and
Complementary Therapies

IPE on Multiple drugs and complementary therapies introduces the importance of interprofessional team approach in the management of patients to minimize the risk of drug interactions or adverse effects and promote medication safety. It emphasises to the teams that quality patient-centered care depends on seamless collaboration and communication among members of healthcare team. 

This lesson utilizes the combined pedagogical strengths of team-based and case-based learning in preparing students to be collaborative-practice ready. This is participated in by students from Chinese Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy who are formed into interprofessional teams of 5-7 members. A team of content experts facilitates the implementation of learning activities.

Generic IPE-related Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the collective contribution of Chinese medicine, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy;

  2. Demonstrate mutual respect and an appreciation of the unique skills, knowledge, and competencies that each discipline brings to an interprofessional team;

  3. Listen respectfully to the ideas of other disciplines to complement one’s disciplinary knowledge;

  4. Provide constructive and non-judgmental feedback to other member’s ideas;

  5. Respect difference and diversity among professions; 

  6. Realise that interprofessional collaboration promotes creativity, motivation, and productivity;

  7. Apply shared decision-making process from deliberation to choice/consensus;

  8. Build consensus and negotiate respectfully/effectively, and

  9. Formulate interprofessional healthcare management plan.

Content-related Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of polypharmacy including Chinese and western medicine

  2. Critique the consequences associated with polypharmacy including Chinese and western medicine

  3. Formulate a care plan with interprofessional interventions


          MBBS                      -   86         

          Nursing                   -   53

          Pharmacy                -   30

          Chinese Medicine  -    3

          Total                        -  172

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