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Stroke Rehabilitation

IPE on Stroke Rehabilitation introduces the importance of interprofessional team approach in stroke rehabilitation. It emphasises to the teams that quality patient-centered care depends on seamless collaboration and communication among members of healthcare team. 

This lesson utilizes the combined pedagogical strengths of team-based and case-based learning in preparing students to be collaborative-practice ready. This is participated in by students from Chinese Medicine, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy who are formed into interprofessional teams of 5-7 members. A team of content experts facilitates the implementation of learning activities.

Generic IPE-related Learning Outcomes

  1. Appreciate the collective contribution of Chinese medicine, Medicine, Nursing, and Pharmacy;

  2. Demonstrate mutual respect and an appreciation of the unique skills, knowledge, and competencies that each discipline brings to an interprofessional team;

  3. Listen respectfully to the ideas of other disciplines to complement one’s disciplinary knowledge;

  4. Provide constructive and non-judgmental feedback to other member’s ideas;

  5. Respect difference and diversity among professions; 

  6. Realise that interprofessional collaboration promotes creativity, motivation, and productivity;

  7. Apply shared decision-making process from deliberation to choice/consensus;

  8. Build consensus and negotiate respectfully/effectively, and

  9. Formulate interprofessional healthcare management plan.

Content-related Learning Outcomes

  1. Evaluate the effectiveness of polypharmacy including Chinese and western medicine

  2. Critique the consequences associated with polypharmacy including Chinese and western medicine

  3. Formulate a care plan with interprofessional interventions


          MBBS                      -   86         

          Nursing                   -   53

          Pharmacy                -   30

          Chinese Medicine  -    3

          Total                        -  172

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